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    Local Development Plan - Research & Information



Wind Farm Cumulative Noise Methodology - Bowdler 2012


Report (275 KB)

 Conwy & Denbighshire Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Assessment for Wind Energy Development


Report (9.7 MB)

Denbighshire Strategic Flood Consequence Assessment - Update


Report (13.9 MB)


Appendix A

Index Map 1 (2.8 MB)

Index Map 2 (2.8 MB)

Index Map 3 (2.8 MB)

Index Map 4 (2.8 MB)

Detailed Maps (23.2 MB)


Appendix B

Fluvial Assessment (56KB)

Tidal Assessment (44KB)


Appendix C

Breach Models (2.0 MB)

Climate Change Breach Maps (1.8 MB)

Clwyd Ruthin (864KB)

Coastal Prestatyn (652KB)

Coastal Rhuddlan (951KB)

Coastal Rhyl (450KB)

Elwy (1.1MB)

Fluvial Rhyl Cut & Prestatyn Gutter (1.3MB)

Fluvial Clwyd (781KB)

River Dee at Corwen (463KB)

Tidal Clwyd (1.2MB)


Appendix D

Sewer Flooding Spreadsheet (154KB)

Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2013.


Report (604KB)

Update of Housing, Need, Demand & Affordability in the Housing Market Areas of Denbighshire

2013 Report (480KB)
Denbighshire Retail Study 2013 2013 Report (1.6MB)