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Local Development Plan

What is the LDP?

The LDP provides guidelines as to what could be built and where throughout the County over a 15 year period. Each Council in Wales is required to produce a Local Development Plan (LDP) for its area. The LDP determines  where ne development will take place, taking into account amongst others the need for:

  • Employment Land

  • Housing

  • Shops

  • Leisure facilities

  • Safeguarding our unique environment

The Denbighshire LDP was adopted by the County Council on 4th June 2013 and covers the period 2006 - 2021

Latest News

Denbighshire County Council approved the Local Development Plan Review Report for submission to Welsh Government at the meeting on 5th December 2017.

The Review Report provides an assessment of the performance of the current LDP and highlights the need for a replacement plan.

Copies of the approved document can be found below.

The Council papers which includes the report of consultation can be accessed via:

LDP Review Report

The Delivery Agreement, which will guide the production of a new Local Development Plan, was agreed by Welsh Government on 22nd May 2018.


If you have any questions please contact a member of the Local Development Plan team on 01824 706916 or by email ldp@denbighshire.gov.uk



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