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    Local Development Plan - Examination Library

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The Examination Library consists of copies of key guidance documents, Planning Policy Statements and Guidance, local documents and any other information likely to be used during the examination, and will be updated as it progresses.


Links to the documents are provided where these are possible, in some cases they are links to websites that host the documents, and are correct at the time of producing this document.


Examination Library List (updated 19/02/13)


Part A - Core Documents

Local Development Plan Documents*

Preparation Documents*

Information Papers*

Evidence Base*

European Documents

UK Documents

Wales Documents

Regional Documents / local documents (not submitted)

Wales LDP Guidance


(* documents formally submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and Welsh Government on 26th August 2011)


Part B - Examination Documents

Examination Documents


Other Useful Documents

Inspectors' Report on the Examination of the LDP

Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2012 Report

Candidate Sites Maps



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